Tuesday, 14 December 2010

A Perfect Day, Fantastic Evening and Lots of Blog Names

c/o Rodrigo Melo
Yesterday was my day off, my one day off after performing 12 shows over 6 days.
Last week I spent my day off on the sofa watching crap TV and refused to get dressed til 5pm. I was absolutely done in.
This week I got up at the leisurely hour of 10am and after a casual potter was ready to leave the house in my fabulous new shoes with The Big One by my side, off we skipped (alright I skipped, he strolled) to meet up with various chums.
my new shoes (h&m) - apologies for blurry pic
First we met my lickle sister 'Red' (who I hadn't seen in aaaages) and her new beau 'Berlin' for a Sushi lunch. She was so happy and it was so nice to see her smiling non stop. He was charming, chilled out and seemed a throughly decent fella, it was great to finally meet him.

After filling ourselves with mountains of dragon and hand rolls we met two of my loveliest friends -  'Irish' and 'Agent Buddy' for a cuppa and an all too quick catch up. I handed over the piece Agent Buddy had commissioned me to knit for a Crimbo pressie and luckily she seemed very happy with it so with a huge sigh of relief I bounded off to have a full body massage.

Amazior! 2 ridiculously lush hours later (!!) I started the hunt for new glasses, The Big One had gone home so via photo messaging he helped me shortlist them. Decision unmade however I headed home to a lovely dinner and a bit of a knit.


Today, after a 6:30am start and 2 shows I headed back to meet My Lovely Dad for dinner but not before we met The Big One at Vision Express who'd come in specially to help me choose the new glasses. I wear contacts almost every day which is fine (and necessary as an actress) but I needed new glasses and wanted them to be ones I would be able to bring myself to wear out of the house. Owing to childhood issues (I was stuck with a large pair of men's NHS frames up til I was 15) I don't trust my judgement on picking glasses so their combined help was much appreciated.

They were both very patient and together we went through the entire range of collections. Not too long later we all agreed on a very chic pair from the Marc Jacobs line. The Big One went to play footie and My Lovely Dad then took me for a curry in Soho for a good natter and catch up. We normally meet for breakfast once a week and since I started this theatre job we haven't been able to meet for weeks so it was great to see him and have a good yarn about everything - we definitely put the world to rights over Thali.

This particular job has often proved a real struggle but days and evenings like these really lift my spirits and re-energise me. Two shows again tomorrow and another 6:30am start but luckily my fun continues afterwards as my great chum B-Cup is in town for one night and we have much to catch up on over great glasses of cider.

Ain't I just the luckiest gal!?
"How can there be so much difference between a day off and an off day?

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