Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Call Off the Search...?

Like many gals I am constantly on the search for the perfect pair of trousers, forget the black dress saga, for me it's all about the trousers. I can't tell you how many I have bought hoping. wishing, they would fulfill all my trouser leg dreams.

I think....deep breath - I have found them.
They fulfill my complex desire for just a touch of hareem, a hint of peg leg, I can dress them up and down and they are sooo comfy!

'Benji Pull On' from Free People
(Thank you to The Big One for taking my pic)

What do you think?

"Never wear your best trousers when you go out to fight for freedom and truth."
- Henrik Ibsen 

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Sunday Wanderings

What a lovely day today was! I had been working til the early hours so woke up feeling shattered.  In an attempt to shake myself awake I headed to Islington to my new favourite yarn shop, Loop in search of a certain size needle.
I LOVE that shop, the yarn is displayed in such an enticing way and the staff are soo nice.  In fact while in there I mentioned I was having to replace all my long circular needles with  shorter lengths for hats, one of the ladies there explained that there was a way of using the needles I already had. It's called 'The Magic Loop Method' and it is magic!  She took the time to show me by demonstrating it on the sock she was knitting and explained that it could save me a lot of money replacing needles. Result!

Feeling full of sunshine and new knitting knowledge I decided to walk home (4 miles), I only made 2 miles as I was so tired but managed to absorb a lot of sunny, leafy London views on my journey.

"Take care of the sense, and the sounds will take care of themselves."
-The Duchess, Alice in Wonderland

Saturday, 24 April 2010

"I've changed so much since this morning, you see..."

My sister (bubblepopelectric) is about to throw a 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party', all the guests have to come dressed as one of the characters. In my research I have been coming across so many great images and quotes that I can finally, wholeheartedly say I am proud to be an Alice.

When I was younger I hated my name. I wanted to be something normal, something ordinary and I was convinced that as soon as I could, I would change my name. Everyone told me, you'll love it when you're older.

And I do.

But for this teaparty I shall be the White Rabbit, mainly because my sister should be Alice, partly because I have some fabulous purple velvet cropped FF trousers that are going to look perfect.....but more importantly, I'm lucky - I get to be Alice all the time.

Friday, 23 April 2010

A Tea Party Fit for an Oyster

One of my very good friends (Lady of the Oyster Shells) has just returned from her 6 month travels around India. I am so excited to see her and hear all about what she saw, the people she met, what she ate and.....everything!

She is my glitter/dressup/tea party friend. We take turns hosting tea parties for each other complete with cakes, tea out of a proper teapot, napkins and all things civilized. I am going to throw her a TrEmeNdOUs tea party to welcome her back and I have been trawling for inspiration.

So far my plan is to make stupendously delicious cupcakes with lashings of multi-coloured icing cream, fill a vase with tea roses all set out on a lace tablecloth.

but 'le piece de resistance'? I will search high and low for a tiered cake stand to show off my beautiful cakes, made specially for her.
I have already found one that I want....but it's sold out...

Isn't it gorgeous!....So back to searching. Luckily here in London town there are plenty of places to hunt, the challenge is not coming back with other treasures that I discover and can't possibly leave.....

Thursday, 22 April 2010

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

Yesterday I had one of those days where a small knock seems like a huge push and I fell right down a rabbit hole of anxiety. I started questioning everything, writing off all my achievements and faced a big black wall.

Then one my one my lovely friends started reaching down to me and each one pulled me up a little bit further til by the end of the day I was out in the open spring air, breathing better and thinking clearer.

I am incredibly blessed to have such a huge family of friends and I love each and every one, not only for being there before I ask for help but because each of them are so talented, so generous and so different. They challenge me, inspire me and support me in so many little ways.

I ended my day feeling quite exhilarated having spent the evening with one particular friend who I love so much that after we got to know each other, (playing at being brother and sister) we simply decided to stay siblings. While drinking tea, eating biscuits and chocolate, we talked, laughed and even cried....and it was only Wednesday!

Today I decided to celebrate my departure from the rabbit hole by channelling 'The White Rabbit' from Alice in Wonderland. It helped me feel bouncy and better all day.

Thank you to The Big One for taking the pic of me x

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

J'ai envie...

I saw this beautiful Sandro floral jumpsuit in a magazine on Sunday and I keep thinking about it. Would love to pile on chain necklaces and black buckle wedges.

But with a £189 price tag (not so bad...) it ain't coming home with me.

I'll have to keep it in my imaginary wardrobe....

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Detachable collars...

Although I am not entirely sold on the Miu Miu patterns for their SS10 collection I do love the idea of a detachable collar and keep thinking about them now we are officially in SS10....what a great way to inject interest in a tee....or even add a bow tie or tie and make your everyday uniform look a little bit more interesting.

Somehow though I think the Miu Miu price tag will be a little unjustifiable for me however check 'What Was I Thinking' for a cheaper alternative...I may have to have a little play...

Mar 2011 Update: I have noticed via my Stats that this post is getting a lot of traffic and so I thought it best to post up a more direct detachable collar solution (now that What Was I Thinking has sadly ceased posting), that has all the beauty and joy of the Miu Miu ones but without it's hefty price tag. My Pure Harte is a Dublin based dress maker who can make items to commission. I know from first hand experience that she can make amazing detachable collars (her peter pan lace ones are to die for) so if you fancy a bit of collar action, send her an email and she will make your detachable dreams come true. While you're in her Etsy shop, take a peruse, her dresses are di-vine!

I am certainly going to invest in a starched style collar for Spring, I will post pics when get it.

Alternatively, make one yourself and email me the results, I love a bit of inspiration to help me get my sewing machine out!

Working up to Casting On

I love knitting. I really love knitting things I've never made before. Right now I love making hats and mittens with a cable pattern. Cabling gives me a real sense of achievement and hats and gloves are quick and easy enough to keep my attention.

I'm about to cast on for my next project. I always try to have one large project on the go (at the moment it's a crocheted blanket, using up my guilt stash of wool) and then a smaller, more technical, project to keep me challenged....it's at this point that I feel overwhelmed. I have so much wool to use, so many patterns I want to do and so many requests from friends and family.

This is the bit I long for.

This is the bit where I'm in my stride, can see what I'm creating (and whether it's correct) and everything about it is bursting with the potential to be something lovely.

So if I can just decide on what to cast on......

Spring in full bloom....

I have been working away inside all day today and just stepped out into the garden to rescue some fallen washing, when I remembered to look up, SEE my beautiful garden and breathe in the lovely Spring air.

I have to be honest though - neither me nor the J are responsible for such prettiness, it's a shared garden and luckily for us one of our neighbours loves toiling away out there all year meaning that come Spring we get to spend time in the gorgeous results of his dedication. Don't worry we thank him all the time!

Gardening is one of those things I like the idea of but never seem to actually do....

So it begins....


I have decided to explore the world of blogging, I like the idea of sharing beautiful things I discover with other people. You.

I like clothes, shoes, art, buildings, windows, food, wine, cocktails, theatre and movies, people and discovering new viewpoints. Which is kinda what this is about.....

Vague enough!?

Let's see how we go....
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