Friday, 23 April 2010

A Tea Party Fit for an Oyster

One of my very good friends (Lady of the Oyster Shells) has just returned from her 6 month travels around India. I am so excited to see her and hear all about what she saw, the people she met, what she ate and.....everything!

She is my glitter/dressup/tea party friend. We take turns hosting tea parties for each other complete with cakes, tea out of a proper teapot, napkins and all things civilized. I am going to throw her a TrEmeNdOUs tea party to welcome her back and I have been trawling for inspiration.

So far my plan is to make stupendously delicious cupcakes with lashings of multi-coloured icing cream, fill a vase with tea roses all set out on a lace tablecloth.

but 'le piece de resistance'? I will search high and low for a tiered cake stand to show off my beautiful cakes, made specially for her.
I have already found one that I want....but it's sold out...

Isn't it gorgeous!....So back to searching. Luckily here in London town there are plenty of places to hunt, the challenge is not coming back with other treasures that I discover and can't possibly leave.....

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