Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Why The Big One is The Big One

I have had a request to explain The Big One's moniker. There are fears, apparently, that without explanation, some people will feel that he is in some way deformed by gigantism or some other similar accelerated growth condition.

The Big One is simply bigger then me.

not life size

He is a foot taller then me (I'm aware the picture doesn't represent this fact) which I feel is a substantial amount - enough to justify being termed 'The Big One'.

For the record, he's not such a BIG (hee hee) fan of his blog name especially as mutual friends have started referring to him by it.

"You have to think big to be big"
- Claude M. Bristol

P.S Happy Birthday J-Row!

Urban Dictionary Definition of J-Row - (NOUN) An aspiring artist of music. He speaks in a F.O.B. manner (Filipino on Bacation) on accident sometimes. He is too tall for his own good because he keeps injuring his most precious of limbs and cries about it all day long.


1 comment:

Hawk and Fallow said...

hahahee! he is big! there's no getting away from what you are ...
LOVING your new blog heading lady x

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