Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Paper Tags and Teddies

One of my next roles is playing a 1940's evacuee, I'll have to start my research soon but today I was just flicking through a basic search of images, they are so striking and beautiful.

They all look they have no idea what's happening. Their parents must have been terrified for them, hoping they were doing the best.


 So many of those kids will have never seen the country before, never been out of London. All they seem to have is a Teddy and a Satchel each.

This has really whetted my appetite and I'm genuinely looking forward to doing some thorough research on this period.

"Everybody thought that they were the last one to be picked."
-Betty Posner


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Richard Carroll said...

there were two amazing books on evacuees in our school library that I still remember vividly, both by Ben Wicks - they were called The Day They Took The Children & No Time To Wave Goodbye... you can find them on amazon, and they're definitely worth getting - full of amazing images as well as first-hand accounts....

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