Wednesday, 18 August 2010

The Big One's Premiere!

The Big One's very first short film, 'A Line in the Sand', is premiering tonight at Rich Mix on Bethnal Green Road.  It's a short, beautifully realised film, written and performed by the incredible performance poet Kate Tempest and directed by The Big One (although that's not his professional name).

I have been a witness to all the intense planning, creativity, dedication and downright hard work that has gone into this remarkable film, the result really is a thing of beauty.

If you are about, or know of anyone in the area who fancies a look-see then it'll be screened at 8:45 this evening and it's free entry.

The film is featuring in a night of performance poetry hosted by Apples and Snakes which all kicks off at 7:30pm. It's bound to be a great 'talk about it afterwards' night so don't miss out!

'Performance poetry is poetry that has been written specifically to be declaimed in public, as opposed to poetry that really belongs on a page and is simply being read out. The difference is a subtle one: performance poetry may rely more heavily on rhyme, insistent rhythm or a narrative thread. And the poet, too, will be aware that he or she has an audience and will make some concessions to them. For some poets, this means leaping about; for others, a little eye-contact can suffice. Performance poets, indeed, come in many forms: some have thoughts to share, whilst others wish to display their verbal dexterity, or simply entertain. You could argue, too, that they are perpetuating the oral tradition that is fundamental to so many cultures.'
- Apples and Snakes website

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