Sunday, 29 August 2010

Birthday Gal = Spoilt Rotten

It was my birthday on Friday and I got spoilt RoTtEn! 

The Big One made me my very favourite breakfast - kedgeree and I ate LoAds of it!

He had planned a bike ride and a delicious Carluccio's picnic but the weather was not playing ball so we went for a local wander, got some bits and bobs for my birthday BBQ/Garden party the following day...
Choosing ribbon for my bunting

We then came home to eat the (enormous and scrummy) picnic on a rug in the living room while watching a movie we rented. I loved loved loved it! I could barely eat for grinning ear to ear.

The film we got, "Everybody's Fine', was filed in the comedy section - MIS-file - it was a lovely film but my giddy aunt how we wept! Cleansing though...

After mopping ourselves up and as much of the scrummy picnic and wine as we fit in our tums we put our spanking new breakfast bar together and pottered about. When you work as much as I do a day to do anything you want with no obligations is heavenly.

He had also booked a table at one of our lovely local restaurants for 9pm but by 8:45 we were both still utterly stuffed so decided rather then eating for the sake of it, to instead postpone it to Wednesday evening, stretching out my birthday celebrations - result!

Here's the fantastic present he gave me - I'm going to find the perfect frame and get it up asap.

"Our birthdays are feathers in the broad wing of time."
~Jean Paul Richter

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Sleepingviolet said...

Love biks, so I love that painting. and pink and brown contrast. Love it :)

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