Sunday, 27 June 2010

My New Manor

So my posts have been a bit slow in the publishing recently and this has been due to the wealth of local social life, cider (Perry is a new love), pubs and restaurants in the area which The Big One and I have moved to.

We have moved to Walthamstow Village and we both absolutely LOVE it! We have lots of local friends, loads of places to meet and the weather has been divine!

Here's my week to date as a new Wally Village Resident -
Monday: Local Pub Quiz and Curry at The Castle with my friend J-Row (he specified the blog name), he managed to persuade 3 of the locals (and last week's winners) to let us join their team and we WON! 

All 3 guys were really friendly and welcoming and it turned out one was a founding member of the local residents association, responsible for all the pretty planters, community garden and hanging baskets which make the village look that extra bit gorgeous. He explained to me that they arrange community gardening every Saturday and that Walthamstow was now a 'Britain in Bloom' contender due to their efforts.

One of the many local pubs above and below the delicious tapas restaurant

Tuesday: Slept in for the first time in weeks, tidied the flat and then The Big One and I walked to the local market to stock up on loads of fresh fruit and veg which we then cooked up in various ways for a lovely lunch.

Wednesday: Strolled to yet another local pub (see pic below) in the evening to meet friends who are now new neighbours, we sat outside, drank Perry and talked about village life, pets and their recent wedding til closing. Just divine.

another local cider source...

Thursday: After rehearsals headed to The Castle's beer garden with some mates for a night of local food, laughing, talking and yet more cider!

Friday: I took a couple of strolls in and around the village as I am 'pugsitting' and discovered an astro-turf, lots of pretty planters and a lots of beautiful village lanes.

I heart village life!

"The sun does not forget a village just because it is small"
- African Proverb

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