Friday, 26 August 2011

Cards and Flowers Galore!

We are open! 

The Belfast and Scotland leg of the run is officially open. It was opening night last night (Wednesday) and the audience seemed very responsive. The bar was rammed afterwards and as the playwright said, 'it's always a good sign after a play that people don't want to leave'. The tables of the bar area were filled with people discussing and debating the themes of the show which in my eyes, is a result!

I had the lovely HawkandFallow in to cheer me on and I was inundated with lovely cards and unexpected bouquets from supporting friends and family to boost me on to that stage to do my thang.

Hugely appreciative thanks to Mama Mooskin and Ee (new blog name entries), Patch & Tache, HawkandFallow, The Big One, Spaghetti Arms, Arfur, and My Lovely Dad for all your kind messages, cards and flowers. I felt loved.

From Mama Mooskin & Ee

From Hawk&Fallow
So now we can just get on with doing and enjoying the show. We're here for another 10 days then off to Scotland then...the big London run!

"We do not go to the theatre like our ancestors, to escape from the pressure of reality, so much as to confirm our experience of it."   
~Charles Lamb

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