Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Song of The Week

Image courtesy of Hot Dog

My love of Robyn's music is well documented on here...this is my song of the week.

Stars 4-Ever

I CANNOT stop listening/dancing/singing along to it.

Have a listen - music player right there ------->

Clear the floor, you'll want to spin.

“Music is what feelings sound like.”
- anon


Clara said...

Lovely post.
Great blog!

Lovely B. said...

nice song! :) thank you so much for visiting my blog :) I am following you now! I hope you can follow my blog too dear :) see yah!


Valerie said...

Oh that is a good song! I haven't listen to dance music in awhile. It was a fun change of pace.

Anonymous said...

I love Robyn! She instantly brightens my day! :)

Syrious said...

robyn rocks!!
love her!!

Syriously in Fashion
Syriously Facebook Page

Sabrina T. said...

like this song..this atmosphere is so nice..i like your blog!
Do you come from London dear?such a great city:)
Maybe we con follow each other..let me know!kiss from Milan!

Patchwork à Porter

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