Sunday, 30 October 2011

Excuses, Excuses!

Where has the time gone!? 3 weeks since my last post!! Have you missed me? - Of course you have!!

Well the show has finished, it all went very well and I've made several good-time chums during the whole experience, all of which I hope to work with again one day.

So now I'm back on the auditioning/temping circuit til my next job. I've a telly coming up (Christmas Day TV!) so that takes the pressure off - if you're not working then at least you're being seen!

I have been knitting like a complete maniac! My lovely friend, Lady of the Sea, turned the big 30 and I wanted to knit her something special to celebrate. My pics aren't great as they were taken in a rush to get it sent off to her but it was a large comfy (New Wool/Alpaca/Silk mix) circular scarf that can be wrapped twice, worn as a hood and get the idea! She was DeLiGhTed with it so that was fabs-a-lot!

I've also been knitting a small collection of, deep breath, 'colour block - bobble - beanie hats' that I'm going to try and sell through some online markets. And I've been cross stitching some classic hollywood pieces to hopefully sell through cafes and boutiques...I shall keep you posted!

I'm back on the temping circuit now having lost my ongoing temp job due to being too darn busy as an actor. I am really enjoying it, I've been in various creative companies over the last 2-3 weeks mainly covering reception. It's kept me busy, kept my brain learning new things and I've been meeting new people in very different environments then those I've been used to. Also you get to dress up, wear pretty heels and paint your nails for each assignment! Which is an utter girly joy having been in rehearsal clothes for months!

The Big One and I are off to a cosy eco cottage in Cornwall tomorrow to snuggle in and chill out. Walks on the beach, pub lunches, cream teas, lots of reading, knitting and cooking for each other - LuSh!! We'll be back on Friday evening and I intend to have lots of great pics to share with you all.

Now, enough about me! What have you been up to???

"A charming woman is a busy woman."
- Loretta Young

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