Sunday, 14 August 2011

Song of The Week

This week is production week, last days of rehearsals, technical rehearsals, dress runs then on Saturday we have our first preview, our first audience so for me the song of the week is calm, chilled and beautiful.

Tawiah - Every Step

Have a listen, music player right there ------->



Ann said...

Oh yes... I need a soothing and calming music like this too ♥

My ten-yr old son is in a theater play and their last rehearsal would be on Thursday, first show is on Sat and then every Sat and Sun of August and September... I think as a Mom, I'm more nervous than him.

HazelandMare said...

Aww, I love dress rehearsals :) Break a leg! ;)

claire said...

oooo hope it all goes well! I'm sure it will :)

Paper-Rock-Scissors said...

Thank you! Much appreciated!

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