Friday, 4 June 2010

A Very Good Day Indeed!

Yesterday was gorgeous. Two of my friends welcomed their beautiful new son into the world. The sky was blue and the sun was shining.

But the day didn't become technicolour for me until the afternoon.  2 months ago I was referred to a dermatologist who removed 2 moles from my stomach. I had to wait until yesterday to get the results and find out whether;

 a) They wanted to operate again
b) I had Skin Cancer

Luckily it turned out that the answer to both those questions was NO! Hooray Henry!

"No" and "No Malignancy" were pretty much all I heard to be honest I was so tense and anxious. When the doctor first said it, I couldn't take it in so just burst out with "That means no skin cancer right?" As soon as he confirmed I was in the clear, me and The Big One just started laughing and grinning like idiots!

As soon as we walked out of the room (after lots of hearty handshakes and thank you's) I burst into tears, I was so relieved! I had tried so hard not to dwell on it over the 2 months but as the results date approached I had been dreaming about it every night.

We skipped back to the station!

I hope I can hold onto the full experience (referrals, surgery and stitches are not fun) to help me learn the  lesson - I will stay in the shade, wear the right sun factor and cover up. I hope you will too - trust me the tan is not worth it, especially when you can get a nicer one out of a bottle!

"Protect the skin you're in!"
-Marc Jacobs

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