Tuesday, 15 June 2010


I fell off the wagon this evening.

I innocently went looking for a black shirt for one of my many jobs and passing Urban Outfitters was alerted to the SALE! 

At the beginning of the year I longed for a lovely dress in Urban Outfitters which I deemed both beautiful and too expensive.

The idea that this love of mine was sitting adorned with a heavily reduced tag was just too much for me to bear, so in I went, searching for it. Within a few minutes, I had spotted it. The last xs hanging on the rail.....reduced from £50 to £24.99.

I held it, felt it and stared at it - could I, should I, break my promise of absolution??

Calmly I headed to the changing room....I reasoned that it may not look like I imagined and I certainly wouldn't break any promise before thoroughly examining it at every angle on me.

It looked amazing, I LOVED it! I started skipping about in it in the cubicle!

So with a fuschia pink high waisted bandage skirt in hand (reduced to £9.99!!) me and my new dress headed to the till.

And so there you have it....failure.

to state the obvious - neither of these images are of me but of urban outfitters models.

I am not proud but I am happy!
“I generally avoid temptation unless I can't resist it”
- Mae West

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