Monday, 7 June 2010

Finding my Home Style

I had been in my old flat for 6 years, it was mine and The Big One's first home together and it was my second home after being a drama student.

When we moved in we furnished it with basics, whatever we could afford and a lot was hand-me-down. When we left to move into this new flat I wanted to start replacing our basics with items of style....but what was my style?

I started paying serious attention to art and furniture in an attempt to identify my inner interior designer. I have roped in my good friend HawkandFallow, whose personal domestic style is one which I highly admire, as a non paid interior design consultant. A couple of vague emails later I identified it, the concept which encompasses all I want to achieve in this new space.

Urban Poetry

I love the contrast of sleek, modern pieces against vintage chic. For me a few well placed period pieces inject warmth and homeliness into the stylish yet sometimes cold contemporary items I am drawn to.

I love things that have a history, that are unique and thrifty - I love a lot of Ikea's collections yet I don't want a home that anyone can buy, I want an atmosphere that only me (and my consultant) has created.  Quirky pieces that I picked up here and there. My wardrobe is made up of stories so why can't my home be?

Luckily for me HawkandFallow got it and she promptly started searching for images that we can communicate a common Urban Poetry with.

I'm excited!

Here are a few things I have found that will make up my cyber mood board.

So far they all work....right?

"Style" is an expression of individualism mixed with charisma."
- John Fairchild

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