Thursday, 17 June 2010

In the Spirit of Festival Season

I am not a festival loving kinda gal.
I like a private shower, I like walls, heating, electricity and floors  - in short I'm a hotel kinda gal.

I have been to festivals, loads, probably too many as a child. You name a folk festival and I'll describe the tie-dyed outfit I was wearing and the clogging workshop I was being made to attend.

However it is Festival season, I am dogsitting my sister's pug, Elvis, while she attends the mud bath that is Glastonbury. She is beside herself with excitement. So much so that I started to consider the positives of festival living.

I do like the outfits - the freedom people feel to wear whatever you feel like -  maybe boho, fairy or even better a pirate.

But to be perfectly honest I dress like this in my normal housed life...I don't often choose to channel a fairy but instead a sailor/pirate/lady-who-lunches/white rabbit.

I do like a good wellie. There are not many opportunities outside of festivals to wear wellies, well not when you live, as I do, in London. Chunky knee high socks, denim cut offs and wellies. Lovely!

So in the spirit of embracing the enthusiasm for festival season I bring you the best wellies I could find.

"The (wo)man with the boots, does not mind where (s)he places her foot."
- Irish Proverb

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