Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hair Today...

I have long hair, I have always had long hair, long as in halfway down my back. Both my sister and I had long hair growing up, my mum was made to cut hers short all the time when she was a child so she left ours long. Being one of the only girls at school with very long hair meant that each lunchtime other girls would cue up to practise plaiting my hair or trying out any kind of new hairstyle. I used to love it, it was so relaxing just sitting there having my hair played with.

Then I got older and somehow it never occurred to me to change my hair, when you have long hair and you suggest cutting it you hear a cacophony of 'no - you have such lovely long hair, how could you cut it". Then I went to drama school and was told long hair made me perfect for period and classical casting. They use wigs in most period tellies I've done - saves time curling and pinning all my hair.

Ah my hair, 'me coiffe', my barnet. It has over time become a confidence booster and a comfort blanket for me, flicking it, twiddling it, hiding behind it. Well I'm 29 now and I really feel it is finally time for a change, a radical change. I am not a fan of in-between hairstyles, so no shoulder length bob for me....I had wanted to get a small shaved undercut section but my agent strongly veteod this last night when I brought it up. He has however conceded to a short do, it will change my casting but I think in a good way plus I can always grow it or get extensions if necessary.

It's only hair right!?

So I have started trawling the worldwide web for some inspiration before I go and have a consultation with my hairdresser...what do you think?

Pictures c/o
Tell you what though, The Big One ain't gonna like it, he lurves my long hair.

"All change is not growth, as all movement is not forward."

Ellen Glasgow


Richard said...

I am v excited by this! I agree though, if you're going to do it, you have to gpo the whole hog. I love the top pic for you. x

Hawk and Fallow said...

Oh my goodness!!! I love this idea will have to be very brave but I think it will be worth it xxx

Oli said...

Yikes! And Yay! at the same time. I can't imagine you without your flowing locks, but then I totally see the appeal in changing up your casting etc - plus, if they've always wigged you in period pieces, there's no massive downside, I guess!

And I'm with Rich - I think the top pick would be totally you. (See, I can imagine it after all).

So you can have it cut, so long as we get a coffee very soon afterwards so I can admire it...


Paper-Rock-Scissors said...

Thanks guys! I've booked an appointment next week and arranged to donate my hair to a charity that makes wigs for cancer patients...eeek!! The Big One is a bit shocked by the idea and a bit glum about it but he'll get used to it!

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