Tuesday, 21 September 2010

LFW: the RedRock extended version

On Wednesday London Fashion week will start it's fashionista handover to Milan and all the excitement will move away...so what better way to blast away all our LFW hangovers then with a debut show from an exciting new British label RedRock?

RedRock is an indie meets grunge inspired British label designed and run by fashion graduate Kiran Lall. Each piece in the collections are unique as Kiran personally customises every single one. PRess That, the show's producer's, describe the label in the press release as,

"[a] label for girls who want to have fun whilst peacocking an effortless dishevelled and sexy style."

RedRock has been in business for just over a year and is already on the rails in many boutiques and on the backs of many young actors but Thursday will be the label's debut show.

The 'Come As You Are' collection is premiering in the heart of London's indie scene, Brick Lane at 93 Feet East, a space I have already enjoyed many a fashionable moment in as Unkle Baxta has also shown there so the venue's fashion credentials are pretty impressive.

There will be a catwalk show, DJ's, cupcakes and of course clothes!

I shall, of course, blog about the event but til then here are a few images from the 'Come As You Are' Lookbook I received.


P.S I can't help thinking about what I was wearing the first time the Seattle grunge movement arrived in my world, I was 12 (key point) and wore little else other then my 'uniform': a burgundy tartan mini skirt, various black tops, cherry red DMs and I used to white out my face with an peculiar talcum powder/mum's foundation remnants mixture whilst listening to Nevermind NON stop...RedRock's offerings look like a far better way to express your indie/grunge side!

"We're so trendy we can't even escape ourselves." 
-Kurt Cobain

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