Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hanging with Mister Cooper

Last Sunday The Big One and I went to the Celia Hammond Animal Trust to find Gary the Cat a little brother or sister.  Gary himself was a stray and through finding and taking him in we were made aware of how many cats are abandoned and in need of loving homes.  After Gary had settled with us we decided that having 2 cats was not much different to 1 and so why not offer another cat a home and find Gary a chum?

So having discussed it with one of the Rehoming Officers we went to the Canning Town branch and met Celia Hammond* herself who introduced us to a young tabby neutered male who they felt would get on with Gary.  It was very important to us find the right match for Gary as he's a little....meek and didn't need a dominant character in the house but someone who could be a mate and maybe back him up with the neighbourhood cats.

Celia opened this little cage to reveal an adorable 9 month old who got up, stretched then instantly reached out his head and a paw for cuddles and strokes. I think it's fair to say he adopted us and we in turn fell in love with him so we brought him home.

We have named him Cooper (Gary Cooper) and he has settled in really well, he's absolutely hilarious as he's still very kittenish and loves to play with anything! So far Gary has had a lot of his attention (not necessarily always appreciated) and there are certainly some house rules that he's trying to establish but in less than a week we have seen daily developments.They have been playing together and rough housing and I have no doubt they will soon be cuddled up together....

*Celia Hammond was one of the top models in the 60's, appearing on countless Vogue covers and travelling all over the world on photographic assignments. In the mid 60's, Celia also became involved in rescuing, neutering and rehoming stray and unwanted animals.

"Cats do not have to be shown how to have a good time, for they are unfailing ingenious in that respect."
- James Mason

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