Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Wonderwool? How Wonderful!

Yesterday I booked tickets to attend this year's Wonderwool in Builth Wells, Wales! I am so excited, it's my first Wonderwool and it's very close to My Lovely Dad and his wife M's gorgeous home and B&B The Rhedyn so we get to visit and stay with them. It was his wife M (a fellow crafty) who told me all about it when we were last there for Christmas. She told me there are sheep being sheared and demonstrations about how the fleece is spun into yarn....how exciting is that!?

I also know that two of my favourite yarn suppliers will be there, Toft Alpaca - who are bringing some of their Alpacas (soooo excited) and Tall Tale Yarns who I recently bought gorgeous Canadian Koigu yarn from.

The Big One is coming with me and I am really looking forward to sharing my excitement with him, I wonder what he'll make of it all!

Prepare yourselves - there will many pictures!

"A hobby a day keeps the doldrums away."
- Phyllis McGinley 

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