Monday, 5 March 2012

Obsessed: The Rachel Zoe Project

The Big One has had to jet off to Toronto for a very exciting looking new music shoot and so I have been left in full control of the remote - no admonishing looks, no tutting at my sometimes dubious choices, which is perfect as I have quickly developed a new dirty tv addiction.

The Rachel Zoe Project! So much fashion I literally drool through every episode! I appreciate I'm a little slow on the uptake but I don't think it was ever screened here in the UK - I've found it on Netflix, three seasons worth...amazings! So far I have devoured Season 1 and am fascinated with Taylor, rather in love with Brad and full of envy for Rachel Zoe's wardrobe!

I love that you get to see the whole process of styling the best dressed, the programme takes you entirely behind the scenes to see the designers and their new collections before they have walked. I have found it amazing how little the actresses themselves seem to be involved, you realise they are essentially clothes horses at red carpet events. It makes you wonder about how often the stars themselves get lauded for their sartorial choices when it appears they have little to nothing to do with what they strut down the carpet.

Season 2 is next and I cannot wait to see more more more!

"I'm having a f**king Chanel heart attack right now."

- Rachel Zoe

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