Thursday, 26 January 2012

Just Watched

For the first time in months The Big One and I made it to the cinema, we went to see The Artist and I really enjoyed it. A lovely film with lots of classic hollywood references which I thoroughly appreciated, great costumes and set design, all in all a great film.

BUT, I am surprised that is is an Oscar Nominee for Best Picture. Is it because it's a novelty done well? Which it is, it's moving despite there being no spoken dialogue. It's a beautiful film but not one I want to see over and over again, the originals from this genre are pretty good if you ask me!

The story is not particularly thought provoking, the performances although great are not the best I've seen this year. That would be the three lead performances in Tyrannosaur for me.

However, it's a good cinema experience, go and enjoy! Then watch Bette Davis, Greta Garbo, Mae West and the other originals...

"Farewell Norma, I never loved you."
- George Valentin

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