Thursday, 26 January 2012

Where Have I Been? And Where Am I Going?

c/o Eddy

Hello! Sorry I've been so quiet on the blogging front, I haven't had much to write about to be perfectly honest. It's always a slow time of the year in terms of auditions and meetings and also, it turns out temp work!

So I've been at home, slowly turning into a 1950's housewife, doing the housework, errands, knitting, baking and making The Big One dinners for his return home after a long day's work.  It has been nice at times but as the weeks continued and every morning I had nothing but my sense of self discipline to get me out of bed and dressed everyday it started to wear down on my self esteem.

I've always been a hustler, a grafter and to suddenly have no choice and be unable to earn any dosh coupled with a brassic financial situation did not mkae for fun times. In fact it made me overthink things, allowed my anxiety to grow and generally makes for bad times.

You may remember I shot an ad at the end of the year and had hoped to be paid at the start of this year, dispelling any immediate financial woes should I not have alot on, well....still waiting for that dosh, any day now!

Anyway, things are looking up -I have been temping this week making me have to get up dressed, socialise and use my brain! My Angry Stitch etsy is set up and I have been busy with 3 commissions! I had my new short hair headshots done and both my agent and I are very happy and excited about unleashing the new me. Plus, The Big One and I are off on a long overdue holiday on Tuesday, we're going to Goa!

We are so excited and I can almost feel the sun on my face, the sea water lapping at my feet. We're going for 10 days of pure bliss. Swimming, eating, reading, RE-laxing!


I haven't felt the sun since last year when I headed to Sydney to surprise Rich for his 30th. Gosh that feels so long ago now, it's his birthday in 2 days...hope you have a bundle of fun Rich!

I look forward to posting and making you all feel enormously sickenly jealous with our 'oliday pics!

“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.”
 – Samuel Johnson

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