Tuesday, 15 March 2011

A Touch of the DG's (Domestic Goddess)

Yeah, you heard - I had a touch of the Nigella's today, a whisper of the Delia's and a fair amount of the Cath Kidstons.

I had one of those rare and special days, a very productive day without feeling that anything was much effort. The day went at just the right pace, I ticked lots of boxes and then, had time to make cupcakes AND do some knitting!

I got a good amount of work done, 2 wash loads (whites and darks), did a lot of washing up and several niggly chores that have been bugging me at 1am when I suddenly realise another day has gone by and yet again I forgot to;  
re-arrange a delivery, 
send a particular email, 
source something useful, 
book a restaurant. 

Today, I did them all. I still have plenty of other things to do (organise drawers, file the evergrowing pile of paperwork, plant my spring onion seedlings) but the urgent/niggly/annoying things were all done today, calmly and easily.

Tomorrow's clearly going to be hard work in order to redress the balance but for today, I shall feel pleasantly chuffed with my day's gentle labour.

see my busy washing machine in the reflection
vanilla cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
P.S And just to add to my lovely day I got offered a great job, without having to audition! Amazior!

Cupcakes for everyone!!

"Every day may not be good, but there's something good in every day."
~Author Unknown

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b-CUP aka UrsULA o said...

whats the job teacups? xxx

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