Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Possibly The Best Day Ever... Part 2

After leaving Ruth I headed back out to the heat of King Street, to walk to the other end to find ' A Coffee and a Yarn' the second of the two yarn shops I had sourced in Newtown.

It's a lovely space, the walls are covered with vintage knitting patterns and the wool is nicely presented.

I really liked the little touches  - like the patterns, the 'have a go - knit row' trays on the tables

I ordered a mushroom and herb quiche and sipped on a delicious iced green tea with morrocan mint while I waited for it.

After enjoying the air conditioning while reading more about Ava I started to make my yarn selection. There were only a couple of Australian yarns here so the choice was simpler but still took time, eventually I settled on 2 balls from the Nundle Collection.

Nundle Woollen Mill is Australian owned and operated, proudly producing Australian pure new wool.
- Nundle Collection website 

I am knitting an Afghan with all the different balls of wool I have now picked up on my travels. All 8 ply luckily! I have taken to making my colour choice based on the place I'm in. For me Sydney is very much about the water.

So 2 wool shops in one day I skipped off back to the train station to head to...The Sydney Fishmarket! The next place on my list of perfect activities.

Many go out for wool and come home shorn.
- Proverb 

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