Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Ferry Me Away

Yesterday I took a ferry to Balmain to visit Hilary and Caroline, two of my tutors from drama school. Caroline is visiting her daughter who lives there and Hilary had relocated several years ago with her hubby and adorable daughter Matilda. So I could not visit Sydney without dropping by to say hello.

The ferry ride was brilliant, incredibly refreshing and offered yet more views of the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge.

It was so nice to see them both, I left drama school approximately 8 years ago and consider myself very lucky to have had a career, let alone the amount of creative enjoyment I have had to date. It was lovely to get the opportunity to in some way thank them for all the skills they taught me along with many other hugely inspirational tutors that I was lucky enough to have in my training.

Once I had returned to Sydney I had just enough time to pop into the Sydney Museum and see the Edwardian Summer exhibition which was charming.

I couldn't take pictures of the photos featured but the main bulk of the collection looks at Australian life between the Victorian era and the First World War through the lens of Sydney lawyer and society figure Arthur Allen. Many of the photos are of his young family enjoying the various forms of leisure activities on offer and exploring the ever developing Sydney.

It struck me how family orientated this man was and how nice it was that he appeared to plan so much around his kids and their friends, he documented almost every adventure they had together.

The exhibition featured typical Edwardian dress, furniture and toys.

A late Edwardian style swimming costume.

Try an Edwardian hat on?

"The Edwardian age saw elegance and opulence that we'll likely never see again."
-Jessica Janus

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