Monday, 7 February 2011

A Holiday within A Holiday

Lisa and Campbell's 30th Birthday present to Rich was a luxury beach holiday hideaway and as I was going to be here I was lucky enough to be included too! Just as my Sydney holiday was getting rather stressful, what with all the sleeping, eating, walking and culture...

Trying to accurately describe this beautiful place, swimming in the stunning and clear blue Pacific Ocean and the incredible food is going to be rather difficile...
After a short drive, Lisa, Campbell, Leo, Rich and myself arrived at Kim's Beach Hideaway and we were shown to our gorgeous (and air conditioned) chalet's.
The view from our beach front chalet
Our little garden - gate on the left to the 10 second walk to the beach

After settling in we headed up to the restaurant for lunch.


Meal's at Kim's are the most amazing, never ending buffet's of food that you dream of and there's 3 courses! For the dessert course there are about 8 puddings to choose from. Spoilt for choice has honestly taken on a whole new meaning.

Dessert courses were a small buffet in a bowl
At Kim's they make the bread, butter and ice cream and the remaining food is sourced locally which means the fish is bought directly from the local fisherman.
The Honey selection at breakfast
Having stuffed our faces we headed back to our chalet's, got into our swimmer's and after dipping our toes...chilled out. 
It was so relaxing, so warm and welcoming. There are so many little touches that made it so special, from flying the flags of all their guests, welcome notes in the chalet and on the tables to delicious canapes served with drinks before dinner. It was superb!
It was 3 days of bliss, chatting, laughing, reading...drinking fine wines.
Rich and Campbell in the ocean
One jacuzzi, several swim's in the ocean, a fair amount of alcohol a LOT of food and laying about later, we headed back to Sydney where I was to spend my last couple of days before heading home back to the UK and The Big One.
 It was a complete treat -  to spend time with Leo (an 8month old charmer), Lisa, Campbell and Rich was just brilliant. I have locked in several memories for when I'm back in London, for when the weather is grey and the tube is rammed. I shall think back to chatting with Lisa in the ocean, listening to Campbell sing in the bar, sitting in the jacuzzi as it filled talking about plays with Rich in our swimmers, laughing, eating, laughing.

I loved it!
"The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever."
- Jacques Yves Cousteau 

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