Sunday, 21 November 2010

Lookie Lookie!

New Banner time! I made this one all on my ownsome - I wrestled solo with the tech monster that is Photoshop and (with the help of YouTube) I did it!

It's not my favourite banner so far but I am ruddy proud of it! If you look closely into the words you'll see the images are of Paper, Rocks and Scissors but not necessarily in that order....oooh! Somebody tell Gaga she ain't the only faux-alternative in town.

So other then that today I have done.... nada! It is my one day off and so far I have planned a date with my sofa and self- knitted blankets, the latest commission on my needles and a lotta green tea. That is it, I intend to be as outrageously lazy as possible today. The only reason I'm going to get dressed is because I have a friend dropping by to pick up some lights we borrowed, even then I'm only going to go as far as leggings, Uggs, a big tee and my snuggliest loooong cardie. 

Next week is 6 days of final and technical rehearsal hell. This show is absolutely huge and scarily reliant on technical aspects like; set changes, stair width, lighting changes and a raked stage. Next week we get into the the theatre and start 4x12 hour tech days in a row. I shall be holding a knitting workshop for my cast in order to stave off the inevitable boredom that techs cause. There will be a LOT of stress too so I intend to be as prepared as possible and try and be productive with the time I'll have.

Week after next - we open. 

Good God. 

“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.”

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