Tuesday, 16 November 2010

I Blame Coco

I am a bit of a cultural snob when it comes to famous offspring, I am far rather ready to find fault and criticise then wait, listen and then decide how much credit I give their work. This habit of discrimination was hard to avoid when it came to Coco Sumner.

I had seen pictures and hype about her waaaay before I could access any of her music so I dismissed her as yet another daddy's girl who had doors opened for her rather then knocking them down. This still may have been the case but it's kind of irrelevant cos she's really good. Well at least I like her, her tone, her lyrics, the production. The fact Robyn co-wrote a song (Ceasar) which features on her album is obvs a huge thumbs up for me. Plus she reminds me of Ladyhawke.

I actually properly sought out her music because of Robyn, I noticed Coco Sumner was in one of Robyn's videos, it was footage of them being interviewed together and if Robyn likes her, well then I thought she's worth a look up.

I started to listen to some of the tracks on her 'The Constant' album and really liked them so bought it.
I'm really pleased I did, hopefully I'll take the time to listen to the next daughter/son of Mr and Mrs Already Very Famous before growling.

I do however still think Peaches Geldof is a nepotistic waster.

“I'm free of all prejudices. I hate everyone equally.”
-W.C Fields

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bobsterb said...

I too have the same opinion on children who follow their parents and then say they never had any help...worst offender being Lily Allen. I saw Coco in January at The Tabernacle. I thought she was brilliant and I could see she was going to be massive. I like that she's quite androgynous and her husky voice is a change to the stuff thats around atm. Love the W.C Fields quote xx

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