Sunday, 14 November 2010

I Want Multo Mondo!

I FINALLY saw the Project Runway Series 8 finale and although I wasn't as excited by the Fashion Week shows as I normally am, I fell heavily in love with several looks. All of them by Mondo Guerra the potentially robbed runner up...

I do like winner Gretchen Jones' style and designs, I totally appreciate her aesthetic is very cool and understated but somehow it just doesn't inspire me like Mondo's.  My favourite piece of hers was from the very first challenge.

          But Mondo's masterful mixes of prints and oh-my-giddy-aunt what incredible prints! They SPEAK to me and say 'Put me on and we'll have a great day'.

In the next pic you'll see the lush back to this playsuit
I am OBSESSED with these leggings!
Bow down to the master - print, shoulder pads and metallics!

I admire the skill in successfully making the prints clash and yet compliment each other. The colour palette was fun and energetic and all in all incredibly exciting - I want to be a Mondo girl!

The judges kept asking who is Mondo's client - if you ask me she's an East London girl, we would eat that stuff up here! Style it up and s-w-a-g-g-e-r in it all the way.

And so another Project Runway series comes to an fitting (pun!) tribute I shall end this post with the immortal words from the Gunn Guru, the heart of the show...

"Make it work"
-Tim Gunn

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