Sunday, 7 November 2010

It's been a while...


It's been quite a while since my last post and this has been partly due to the fact that I started rehearsals for my last job this year (it runs til Jan 9th) and they have been insanely intense but in large part down to the fact that I haven't felt quite myself.

I haven't felt inspired or chirpy and instead I feel generally underwhelmed resulting in me not feeling I have anything I could articulate.

But  - I thought I'd bite the bullet and start blogging again even if it's not as irreverent as I would like. Because it's all bound to get better right?

I am knitting, I have had several commissions for presents people want to give loved ones, which is immensely flattering that they would come to me to make them for them. I am also working away on a few things for my own friends and family. Due to this theatre job I am doing and the cra-cra performing schedule I am not anticipating much time for Crimbo shopping however I should have a lot of time between shows and travelling to get some purty things on and off my needles.

I am commuting for about 3 hours a day so that leaves a lot of time to learn lines and knit, it also leaves me pretty shattered, especially considering my physically demanding rehearsal week is a 6 day week.

So that's me, I do have lots to tell you about and weirdly enough just writing this is making me want to upload the pictures of the gorgeous cupcakes I got The Big One and friends and tell you all about seeing Robyn live (am-a-zior). So watch this space cos it will get livelier.

Til then...

1 comment:

Hawk and Fallow said...

oh I am so happy to have you back x
I have missed your type so much, not to mention your face. I hope I can see you soon. It may lift us both, who knows xxx

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