Saturday, 17 July 2010

Bloomin' Bustacular

So last weekend was BUST, the independent craft fair and it was fabulous! My lovely friend, I shall blogname her, 'Ink' (as she's a fantastic illustrator) and I arrived in the nick of time to get a free goodie bag each - bonus!

Hawkandfallow's stall with Pure Harte was a sight for sore eyes, beautiful displays of handmade cards, lace collars, vintage crockery, handmade many delights!

There were rows and rows of stalls all selling handmade, customised, vintage inspired treats, Ink and I went round at least 3 times as there was so much to take in but eventually we pur-chased....

I bought this gorgeous notebook designed and made by Kali Taylor Mittman.
Each notebook had a different colour lining. I loved how the back of the bicycle is on the back of the notebook...ah simple pleasures!

I also fell deeply in love with a huge amount of Dan Hillier's pieces and after circling his stall several times.....

settled on the 'stag gentleman' on wood.

P.S My goodie bag was full of business cards,

sweeties, a brooch and a brilliant magazine called 'Oh Comely' which I am yet to properly sit down with but from the first few flicks feel we are going to become great friends.

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