Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Working up to Casting On

I love knitting. I really love knitting things I've never made before. Right now I love making hats and mittens with a cable pattern. Cabling gives me a real sense of achievement and hats and gloves are quick and easy enough to keep my attention.

I'm about to cast on for my next project. I always try to have one large project on the go (at the moment it's a crocheted blanket, using up my guilt stash of wool) and then a smaller, more technical, project to keep me challenged....it's at this point that I feel overwhelmed. I have so much wool to use, so many patterns I want to do and so many requests from friends and family.

This is the bit I long for.

This is the bit where I'm in my stride, can see what I'm creating (and whether it's correct) and everything about it is bursting with the potential to be something lovely.

So if I can just decide on what to cast on......

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