Thursday, 22 April 2010

Falling Down the Rabbit Hole

Yesterday I had one of those days where a small knock seems like a huge push and I fell right down a rabbit hole of anxiety. I started questioning everything, writing off all my achievements and faced a big black wall.

Then one my one my lovely friends started reaching down to me and each one pulled me up a little bit further til by the end of the day I was out in the open spring air, breathing better and thinking clearer.

I am incredibly blessed to have such a huge family of friends and I love each and every one, not only for being there before I ask for help but because each of them are so talented, so generous and so different. They challenge me, inspire me and support me in so many little ways.

I ended my day feeling quite exhilarated having spent the evening with one particular friend who I love so much that after we got to know each other, (playing at being brother and sister) we simply decided to stay siblings. While drinking tea, eating biscuits and chocolate, we talked, laughed and even cried....and it was only Wednesday!

Today I decided to celebrate my departure from the rabbit hole by channelling 'The White Rabbit' from Alice in Wonderland. It helped me feel bouncy and better all day.

Thank you to The Big One for taking the pic of me x

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