Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Week of Actors

c/o Auliya
This week just gone I spent most of it in an audition room, but on the other side...oh yes! A director I worked with recently, blog-named Portia, asked me to read opposite the actors she was auditioning for an all male cast. I was delighted, we have worked together a couple of times and have become mates so it was lovely to see her, hang out and of course it would be fascinating to be on the other side of the audition table.

And oh blimey it was an eye opener!

I learnt a hell of a lot for future auditions and in some cases was incredibly shocked by the way some people presented themselves.  Manners cost nothing but are worth so much, said somebody's mother! We met lists and lists of actors and it was great to get to read with so many people.

I had a great time and she'll no doubt put together a first class cast eventually. As for me I can't wait for my next meeting to try out some of the top tips I learnt from observing.

Spaghetti Arms is back to being London based again and I am DE-lighted! Last night we both went to see Playboy of the Western World with some of his friends, we both had mates in the large cast. It was great to finally see such an Irish classic staged, the set was amazing, the music great and the play, well the play wasn't my favourite but I could see why it has stood the test of time.

So that was my was yours?

"There are five stages to an actor's career: who is Herschel Bernardi? get me Herschel Bernardi; get me a Herschel Bernardi type; get me a young Herschel Bernardi; and who is Herschel Bernardi?"
- Herschel Bernardi

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