Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Bambi & Manson

Shorty Shorts anyone? Customised shorts made especially for you, one of a kind bespoke all the way denim hotness?

Most likely a big YES! So you will definitely want to check out the hot new design label Bambi&Manson.  London and Berlin based and they supply the hot gals with the most amazing dip-dyed, studded, ripped shorts you have ever seen!

Because I've got the hook ups I can show you a sneak peek of their debut collection. All shorts and orders are available online 

They also have a limited range of tees...

Whatever size, colour, stylings you want, they can do it. Everything is personally sourced and customised by hand.

Keep up to date with all the celebs who are wearing them by following @Bambi_andManson on Twitter.

As soon as I decide on what I want on mine I shall share them with you and I expect you to do the same with me!

-Bambi & Manson

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