Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Nearly Hometime

This week is the last week of the show and so come Sunday morning I shall be back on the train to London, home. Back to The Big One, Gary and Cooper, my friends, my's going to be lovely!

I have 2 weeks at home (many DIY tasks are planned) then The Big One and I are off to his parent's in France for one weeks hols then I am off to Belfast to do another show. Fun-times all round!

I have genuinely loved my time here in Manchester and would happily work here again. The people are so friendly, the city so fun...other then the spooky amount of magpies all is well. 

I have also been very productive here (besides the actual play). I have made;

2 cowls
1 baby blanket
1 shawl (& another in progress)
1 bobble hat
2 secret things (soon to be revealed)

Not too shabby!

"Where thou art, that is home." 

Emily Dickinson 

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