Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Blognames A Plenty!

This week is due to be my most sociable week here in Manchester! Over the weekend The Big One's parent's arrived, 'Patch' and 'Tache'. They came all the way from France to see me and the show! I met them on Sunday for lunch (another lovely one at Manchester Art Gallery) then despite the perpetual rain we wandered around The Northern Quarter looking at all the vintage shops til tea and cake time at Teacup.

I had my first Manchester Tart (whoopla!) which was pretty amazing. Coconut on top of runny custard on top of jam in a homemade pastry tart.

Later I met them and The Big One's sister 'Pheebles' for dinner and had a fabulous Thai meal at Chaophraya. Lucky ain't I!

They saw the show last night which they luckily seemed to have enjoyed, then we had a few drinks before being joined by 'Spaghetti Arms'! He'd arrived in Manchester last night and
 is here on a fleeting visit due to a family event.

Patch and Tache headed off, early start for them this morning. So then Spaghetti Arms, his 3 friends ('Giggles', 'All Business' and 'Crazy Legs') and I continued on chatting, laughing and generally having larks til 4am this morning.

We will hopefully meet again tonight for some dancin'. Tomorrow I meet up with a friend who's based here and come Friday, My Lovely Dad, his wife and my other 'brother from another mother' (I have 3 'brothers' I've adopted from jobs inc. Spaghetti Arms) arrive to all see the show. 


“I don't know a lot about politics, but I can recognise a good party man when I see one”
-Mae West

P.S See Spaghetti Arms, no mention of yarn this time - I am capable! 

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