Friday, 29 June 2012

Date Night: Noises Off

The Big One and I went on a rare and lovely date night last night. He's increasingly busy with work so I really appreciate the time we do get to spend together especially if we can do something fun.

Last night we went to see Noises Off by Michael Frayn at the Novello Theatre, I had a friend in the cast and I had only ever read it, never seen it. It was great, just honest good farcical fun! Quite often I go to see thought provoking pieces which I adore as they provoke brilliant conversations and leave me thinking about the issues stay with me for days but every now and again, you just need a laugh!

It started at The old Vic in December and then transferred and will close on Saturday. Not much time left but if you can, I do recommend going to see it and having some good belly laughs. It has a great cast and they all work incredibly hard especially in Act 2!

We met my friend afterwards and had a lovely dinner with him and a musician friend of his who was also in the audience.

A truly lovely night all round!

"On we blindly stumble!"
-Lloyd (Noises Off)

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