Wednesday, 8 December 2010

The Vote is Coming...

The parliamentary vote for increased tuition fees takes place tomorrow and the student protests are growing in number and determination. The coalition debate rages in parliament and I for one, have everything crossed that this will not get passed.

Education is a right, not a privilege and preventing students from getting a higher education due to fear of lifelong debt is a disgusting and backward attempt to clear the deficit.

By excluding an enormous amount of potential students from gaining a higher education we damage the future economic prospects of this country. We need a future and students are the future.

 I am still no where near to paying off my student loans despite it being 8 years since I graduated. I, for one, would not have been able to entertain the idea of a university education with the fees tripled.

Not everyone can afford an education, Mr Cameron. In fact very few can.
Maybe it's hard for someone of such a privileged background to fully understand what is financially viable for the masses but that is your job, to listen to the people you represent.  Do not be fooled by his desperate attempt to sell the 'student repayments will be less then they are now' line as what he is forgetting to mention that the repayments will be, for most, the rest of their life. Even then they admit at least half will never be able to pay it. That half will have that debt hanging around their necks all their working life. What an incentive to improve and educate yourself eh?
There will be many many people who have worked so hard to get the qualifications needed to apply for places, people who have worked against the odds, who are determined and focused and deserve the opportunity to improve their life, all watching with baited breath as to what will happen today.

Mr Clegg - looking pretty uncomfortable during PMQ but then so would I be if I was reneging on a promise I made to all those students who voted for me that I would seek to abolish much for all that 'new hope' spin.

Where on earth are the bankers huge repayments?

The apathy is finally dying, the student body is large and getting increasingly loud and I for one am shouting right with them.

"The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows."
~Sydney J. Harris

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