Sunday, 19 December 2010

Is it really nearly Christmas?

Well it's been a week and then some!

It was 10 shows this week but I only appeared in 9. 

On Thursday I collapsed after the first show of the day and then could not regain my vision and balance. It was horrible. Really disorientating and quite scary. After a long time in A&E I was diagnosed with delayed concussion from having banged my head the day before.

Apparantly it's very common when you are very tired and have just recovered from a cold. Delightful!

So for the first time in my professional career I missed a show and someone else went on for me with the script.  I felt fine after a long sleep and finished the remaining 4 shows of the week without a problem.

Today has been my day off and I spent it trying to get the house in some kind of order before Christmas arrives. With both of us working all hours, we have been living in quite the pig sty!  I was very impressed with how much I managed to get done despite having to sit down rather a lot today to try and re-energise.

We both still have no sense of it actually being Christmas next week. We are both working so hard and are so tired, it's definitely going to feel odd on the day.

This next week is a killer in terms of show scheduling so come the day I am anticipating feeling more sleepy then I usually do. I try and spend my days off as silent as possible too as my throat normally feels battered after so many shows. Silent Night indeed!

We have no decorations, no tree and no time so it may be an interesting one this year, but we always knew it would be.

Next year the plan is to go away, whatever happens I will NOT be appearing in any Christmas shows, I have learnt my lesson!

The Big One was working all day today trying to meet a deadline tomorrow, he sent me this on email to help me keep my tired chin up. It's such a treat I thought I'd share it.


P.S Liza is 18 years old here, ain't she gorgeous!

10 shows til Christmas then only 26 more to go!

"As long as we know in our hearts what Christmas ought to be, Christmas is." 
~Eric Sevareid

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