Thursday, 14 October 2010

I was Wooly with Excitement!!

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Last week HawkandFallow and I went to the 'Knit and Stitch Show' at Alexandra Palace and it was so good it made my head spin with happiness!
It was a birthday present from The Big One's parents, they bought me the entrance ticket and a workshop of my choice - I chose 'How to Make A Vintage Pinny' which was brilliant, the lady who ran it was lovely (read: very patient) and we got to use fancy computerised Pffaf sewing machines....oooh!

I was very lucky that HawkandFallow was able to come with me as we had the nicest day together, we both really needed a day to switch off and indulge in our crafty pursuits! We had planned a delicious picnic lunch between us and discussed the day as it arrived with much anticipation.

Something happens inside my stomach when I see beautiful yarn, something flips and aches and wants to touch it so I'm sure you can imagine I was literally a kid in a sweetshop and all with one of my best friends who was delighted in my delight.

The last couple of months have often seemed unbearably hard and I can't express how much I loved and appreciated just feeling happy and engaged for a whole day. No effort was needed I just tried to take it all in.

mountains of self striping sock yarn
hmmm bulging bags of alpaca...
colours galore
hunky hanks..

There were hundreds of yarn stalls, from Merino to Alpaca, Tweed and Sock Yarn. It seemed wonderfully never-ending! A lot of the yarn companies were selling pattern kits, all beautifully presented in boxes and baskets.

chinese takeaway box stylee
I indulged in some gorgeous Lang Taiga Yarn which I am already knitting up into a big slouchy Sunday Sofa blanket. I also got some stitch markers, a cable pattern cushion pattern, a beautiful sleeveless jumper pattern, a huge discounted pack of Jaeger yarn and some stunning Sublime Polar yarn. Quite a haul!

The show also featured a lot of work from new knitwear designers which was fascinating to see.

cabled flying geese
machine knitted novelty biscuit cushions

And lots of exhibitions featuring work by quiltmakers, embroiderers, paper-amazing-people, all sorts of wonderful crafts, talents and imaginations to gasp at and admire.

These (above) were just some of the many quilts being exhibited, I loved how contrasting the techniques used were.

It was a great day, we were absolutely shattered by the time we left but mentally invigorated and inspired. 'The Knit and Stitch Show' is an annual event and I'm already saving my pennies for next year...

P.S A major highlight of the day was learning that wooden and acrylic knitting needles are allowed on planes! You may need to tell the security guard to check their 'security bible' but it's in there and they have to acknowledge it.

"After all, the wool of a black sheep is just as warm."
-Ernest Lehman


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я думаю, что все классно1))

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