Sunday, 3 October 2010

The Countdown is ON!

In 17 days The Big One is taking me to see Robyn live!!!

I have never seen her perform live although I have seen several televised concerts and I could not be more excited!  I am a huge fan of her voice and songs, such deeply powerful and earnest lyrics set to a variety of electro/house beats that you cannot resist getting up and dancing to. Pop music genius!

PLUS how could I not mention how FiErCe the lady looks - always championing new designers and styling it up something mad-good. It is a well posted fact on here that I am obsessed by her undercut circa 'Be Mine'.

I got Body Talk Part 2 the other day and have not stopped listening to it and imagining throwing my head back and dancing like I have no cares when we go to see her.

I came across this today and actually 'whooped' in anticipation!


"It's a cruel thing you'll never know all the ways I tried.
It's a hard thing faking a smile when I feel like I'm falling apart inside"
-Be Mine, Robyn

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