Wednesday, 26 May 2010

It's a Waiting Game

So I am holding fast to my earlier blogged promise of abstaining from all kinds of shopping until I have worn everything in my current wardrobe but my goodness is there temptation!

For my last birthday PinkChilliPop very kindly gave me treasure - a velvet bag of golden coins.

Liberty Golden Coins that came to the very generous voucher total of £60.

I have held tightly onto those beautiful coins, determined to only let them out of their velvet pouch for something incredibly special.

  Recently, I found the treasure I want in exchange for my golden fortune.

These beauties are necklaces designed by a New York contemporary designer called Alexis Bittar. They are part of his Miss Havisham collection and the 3D design comes in both Silver or Rose Gold, as you can see.

I think it is stunning - beautifully simple, classic and yet manages to look brilliantly modern.

So I have £60 worth of treasure and the necklace is £75.....which means that I can't get it until I have worn everything in my wardrobe, risking the chance that they may leave their glass cased home in Liberty before I have fulfilled my promise!

Oh the pressure! How many wardrobe changes can I realistically achieve in one day in order to complete my task in time?

In the meantime I shall distract myself with the decision of whether to choose silver or gold......
silver or or silver.

"Adornment is never anything except a reflection of the heart." 
~"Coco" Chanel

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