Sunday, 23 May 2010

In the presence of Fashion....

I had such a lovely Friday night! As a birthday present for a friend, I took her to see the Grace Kelly exhibition at the V&A (thanks to a lovely chum of mine who works there and snagged me some recession friendly freebies) and it turned out to be one of those perfect Friday nights out in London.

The weather was gorgeous so we started the evening with a cheeky glass of Rosé and a natter then made our way to the exhibition.  We had just got in and started absorbing the first collection of beautiful dresses when a girl rushed up to us and asked if we'd like free tickets to the fashion show that was about to start in the opposite hall ummmm...YES PLEASE! 10 seconds later we were seated in the stunning Raphael Gallery devouring delights from a London based designer called Osman.

The setting was gorgeous and the show started with 2 dancers, 1 male dancer in a navy Egyptian style sheath looking tunic with a gold encrusted collar and a female dancer in a fuller tulle style dress.  They both used their physicality to enhance the material and style of the clothing and set the tone for an exotic and opulent experience.

Unfortunately my camera was awful and so I only managed to get 2-3 barely decent shots but annoyingly not of any of his collection in detail.  I won't rave on about how stunning it was, without pictures but I will definitely be looking out for him! I will just say that the crystal studded wedges were a-mazing!

We managed to sneak a quick hello to my friend who'd sorted the Grace Kelly tickets and headed in to a whole other era of fashion.  It was simply divine! Go and see it if you can, her style was remarkably elegant, sophisticated and yet appeared effortless. 

Getty Images

We learnt lots about her and her fairytale life of model then Hollywood star, Oscar winner then real life Princess of Monaco! One of the things I liked best about her is how she felt very strongly about choosing classic pieces that would enhance her physical qualities and prove economical - she would wear an iconic dress several times over many years. How often do you see that in today's disposable fashion world!?

After deciding which dress dresses we'd like to take home (my favourite thing to do at fashion exhibitions) we headed out for more vino and nattering.  My friend, the birthday girl, knew of a great little pub in Brompton where we had a bottle of vino, delicious bar snacks including salt and pepper squid and courgette fries and chatted and laughed til it was time to go home.


"I don't want to dress up a picture with just my face"
-Grace Kelly

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