Monday, 2 May 2011

Manchester: P-R-S has Arrived.

So I am here, in Manchester, for my next acting job which starts tomorrow. I arrived in my digs today and luckily they are lovely, the girl I am renting from, a fellow actress, has been really warm and welcoming. I am unpacked and my groceries been delivered.

Top digs tip: pre-order your groceries online, delivered to your door so no need to traipse about trying to find a supermarket not too far away so you can still lug back enough food to last you.

The older I get the harder I find it to relocate, set up a temporary home in someone else's and walk into a room of new people on the first day. I am spending the evening working on my script trying to prepare for tomorrow. First days are always like the first day of school except you have to read in front of everyone and hope no one thinks 'how the hell did she get cast?'.

This time in order to feel at home while away I have brought my knitting and my cross stitch and of course my trusty laptop. I have to say being able to blog helps, makes you feel less far away.

Another thing that is helping is my brand new delicious Diptyque Mimosa candle - an incredibly generous and wonderful present from my temp job boss and friend who I shall blog name Barbarella. She knows of my love for scented candles so got me the Ferrari of them all as a good luck present. It is lit and emitting it's gorgeous scent. What a treat!

Wish me luck for tomorrow!

“We're supposed to be perfect our first day on the job and then show constant improvement.”
-Ed Vargo

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