Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Well Hello There Stranger!

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Wow it feels like a loooong time since I last blogged. It has been so mega-cra-cra busy! I had a fortnight of back to back auditions - which is great but means there was so much work to be done, I had to be super efficient with my time on top of working (3 jobs = reality of a jobbing actor), doing my housework, garden, general blah blah and of course spending time with The Big One...

I still feel there are so many people I still haven't seen properly since getting back from Narnia and then Sydney - I have one lovely 'oyster shelled' friend who returned from 3 years in Barcelona while I was neck deep in Narnia and I still have not seen her once!  

Life has felt like constantly catching up on myself since mid February.

So quick catch up, went for lots of jobs got 4! One of them I couldn't do cos it clashed with one I had already accepted. It never rains, it pours!

I have filmed one job and in less then TWO WEEKS I'm off to Manchester for 2 months then return to London, a couple of weeks later I am off to Belfast for 6 weeks for another play then back to London for a 4 week transfer. How very exciting is that!?

So there is a whole lotta work to do to prep in next to no time!

In other news: The Big One and I celebrated our anniversary last weekend with the most incredibly beautiful mini break in the Lake District, the next blog will have all the photos. It was amazing.

A charming woman is a busy woman.
- Loretta Young

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